Apricot Chicken
I've often found apricot chicken to be too sweet for my personal tastes. But my husband loves it. So, this dish evolved and we both love the dish - which means he gets to eat it more often than he used to, and we're both happy!
Basic Biscuit Yum Yum
Makes 50
Beef Mince and Pasta
Quick and easy beef mince with pasta. Great meal coming home after golf or other afternoon activity.
Spiced Prunes
I like to serve these special prunes with meats or a cottage cheese salad or as a breakfast fruit.—Alcy Thorne, Los Molinos, California
Bloody Fingers
Freaky Halloween biscuit fingers that not only look gory, but taste delicious, similar to shortbread.
Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Mushrooms
The BEST side dish ever! Simply roast your mushrooms in the most heavenly garlic butter sauce on ONE SINGLE PAN!
Steak Frites with Knockout Mushroom Sauce
A pub favourtite you can whip up in the comfort of your own home.
Yaya's Slow-Cooked Bolognese
This recipe has been in my family for years. My Yaya began cooking this recipe for my Mother and she then cooked it for me, and I now cook it for my children, family and friends. My Yaya was born in Egypt, but was Greek and spoke Italian! Probably where her love and talent for cooking was born - it was in her blood. I'm lucky to have inherited her genes in this department and I cook this bolognese with love and passion as it brings such pleasure to so many. The ingredients are simple - no fuss, cheap, whole ingredients and easy preparation. The only thing required is your patience as the smell of the bolognese cooking will drive you CRAZY!!! It's absolutely heavenly and I dare you not to sneak a few spoonfuls as it cooks. It's the richest and most flavoursome sauce you will ever have the pleasure of trying and I have never met a person who hasn't ADORED this dish - I've even won over the FUSSIEST of little eaters! My Yaya who has since passed on would be so proud to have her recipe showcased and shared with fellow food lovers. I wish I could bottle and sell this sauce - I would be a millionaire for sure, but I do it for the love. Enjoy!
Beef and Burgundy Shepherd's Pie
A nice winter's meal.
Strawberry Pie Cone Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: pie crust, strawberry, sugar, lemon juice, flour, whipped cream, strawberry
Baked Green Bean FriesHealthy, nutritious fries that you can eat guilt-free. And they're baked to absolute crisp-perfection!
Healthy, nutritious fries that you can eat guilt-free. And they’re baked to absolute crisp-perfection!
Poached Egg Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: egg, salt, pepper
Stir-fried lobster with Sichuan pepper and garlic stems
Australian Gourmet Traveller recipe for stir-fried lobster with Sichuan pepper and garlic stems.
Sheet Pan Asian Stir Fry
Everyone’s favorite classic stir fry made on a sheet pan! No fancy wok/skillet needed here. Only one pan for clean-up. YESSSSS!
Gluten-Free Banana, Coconut and Blueberry Muffins
We’re always on the look out for new muffin recipes around here, especially ones that are as delicious and healthy as these Gluten-Free Banana, Coconut and Blueberry Muffins. These were submitted by one of our lovely readers, and are a…
Twice-Cooked Pork Belly
Braised and roasted pork belly.
Corn and Vegetable Pikelets
Delicious savoury pikelets that are great for a party platter, on the side with a meal or simply on their own.
Vegemite Crackling Roast Pork
Roast pork with the skin rubbed in Vegemite.
Slowcooked Chicken Tikka Masala
Everybody likes a good curry, but this Slowcooked Chicken Tikka Masala will take that like to new levels of affection. Like all slow cooked meals, we love that we can just throw this into the pot and leave it to…
Lefse(From Norway to North Dakota)
Lefse, Norwegian potato crepes, are popular in North Dakota, particularly during the winter holiday season. The thin, delicate flatbreads are cooked in a skillet until lightly browned, spread with butter and sugar and then rolled into a thin tube. Good thing one recipe makes nearly 30 crepes; they'll go quickly! Around 1870 many European immigrants from Norway settled in North Dakota's northeastern corner, especially near the Red River. They are famous for their lefse. Icelanders also arrived from Canada. From the Cooking Channel.
Vegetarian Greek Mpougiourdi
Very easy, quick and tasty.
Carrot Slice
A lovely, moist slice, which freezes well and thaws quickly. Great to have on hand for those unexpected visitors.
Broccoli Soup Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: water, salt, broccoli, pepper
Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes
With a surprise cheesecake filling and graham cracker crumb topping, these are sure to impress your guests!
One-pan Chicken & Veggie Meal Prep Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: sweet potato, brussels sprouts, carrot, broccoli, chicken breast, olive oil, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, garlic, salt, pepper
Garlic Parmesan Baked Carrot Fries Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: carrots, oil, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, pepper, fresh parsley, salt, greek yogurt, lemon juice, garlic salt, pepper
Greek Turkey Meatballs
Everyone’s favorite meatballs made healthier! So moist, so tender and so easy to make, drizzled with Greek yogurt tzatziki sauce!
Lasagna Rolls Up with Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce
Freezer-friendly make-ahead lasagna roll ups with the creamiest and most epic garlic cream sauce!!!
Thai Coconut Fish Stew
This is a lovely fresh Thai-style dish.
Creamy Cucumber Salad
Make and share this Creamy Cucumber Salad recipe from Food.com.
Best Ever Classic Macaroni Salad
The best + easiest old-fashioned macaroni salad to bring to all the BBQs/potlucks! Everyone will be dying for the recipe!
Double Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins
Quick, easy, AND healthy, loaded up with a double-dose of chocolate heaven. Perfect way to use up your zucchini!