Fresh Fettuccini with Tomato and Basil Sauce
Fresh Fettucchini with Tomato and Basil Sauce I was lucky enough to try using an automatic pasta maker this week.  I have made pasta from scratch before, but never in a machine.  It’s also something I’ve never wanted as pasta…
Baked Cream Cheese Wontons
No one would ever believe that these crisp, creamy wontons are actually baked, not fried! And they’re so easy to make!
Blueberry Peach Sheet Pan Pancakes Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: pancake mix, eggs, milk, peach, blueberry
Asian Jalapeno Chicken
Sweet and savory perfection in this quick and easy 20 min meal from start to finish. Better than take-out and so much healthier!
Simple Chicken Curry Recipe
Very simple to make, and even better the next day!
Basic Lasagne
A simple and quick lasagne that you can add to for individual flavour.
Easy Greek Salad
A quick and easy Greek salad.
Simple Scrambled Eggs Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: eggs, salt, pepper, unsalted butter
Grilled chicken with rosemary and bacon
"This recipe goes together so easy with minimal prep. Chicken breasts with garlic powder, bacon, and rosemary are grilled. What could be better? I'm always thinking up easy rosemary recipes, since my yard has 5 huge bushes of rosemary! Enjoy! Great with grilled vegetables and rice."
Avocado Lime Salmon Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: skinless salmon, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika, avocado, red onion, fresh cilantro, olive oil, salt, pepper, lime juice
Mixed Berry Sheet Pan Pancakes Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: pancake mix, eggs, milk, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry
Fast Fruit Salsa
We like this refreshing and colorful salsa served with tortilla chips or spooned over grilled chicken. For another fruity option, try stirring in some diced cantaloupe or peaches when they're in season. —Eileen Miller, Woodridge, Illinois
Chicken and Quinoa Tortilla Soup
Everyone’s FAVORITE chicken tortilla soup, except made healthier and heartier with added quinoa. This cozy soup is full of fiber and protein to keep you full all day long! You can also add the easiest homemade crispy BAKED tortilla strips!
Rice Pudding Crumble
A crumbly change to rice pudding.
Bacon and Cheese Cob Loaf
Hot bread filled dip.
Cherry Tomato Corn Salad
This salad is quick, easy and delicious. It is from Taste of Homes, Weeknight Cooking Made Easy. I used frozen sweet white corn.
Pan-fried Broccoli Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: olive oil, broccoli, salt, chicken stock, garlic, red pepper flake
Avocado smoothie
"Thick, creamy,and delicious. Makes a great summertime smoothie."
Aunty Ivy's Chocolate Cake
Ivy is famous with our family and friends for this recipe.
Apricot and Chilli Chicken Kebabs
An easy and delicious way to eat chicken.
Brazilian lemonade
"This recipe for 'lemonade' actually uses limes. It is best served immediately."
Jalapeño Poppers Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: jalapeñoes, bacon, cream cheese
Lemony green beans
A splash of lemon juice, a good lug of olive oil and perfect seasoning bring green beans to life
Banana Berry Fruit Salad Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: bananas, fresh strawberry , fresh raspberry, lime juice, maple syrup
Afghans with Weet-Bix
This is a great recipe if you don't have any Cornflakes in your cupboard. They taste delicious.
Beef and Mushroom Noodle Soup
A delicious meal that's perfectly balanced with the umami flavour or dried shiitake mushrooms.
Barbecue Shanks
I got this easy and tasty recipe off my mother in law. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Avocado Rose Avocado Toast Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: bread, avocado, strawberry
Bacon Ranch Chicken Bake Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: chicken breasts, salt, pepper, ranch dressing, bacon, cheddar cheese
Melt-in-your-Mouth Marshmallows
Seriously, you've never tasted a marshmallow like my husband's marshmallow! I know every baking blogger preaches homemade, but seriously, you'll never want to buy packet marshmallows again!
Chocolate Hazelnut Mug Cakes Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: chocolate hazelnut spread, large eggs, all-purpose flour
Blueberry Muffins
Very tasty muffins that make a great snack, best made with fresh blueberries.