Slice recipes

Sweet or savory. Similar in shape, but vast in variety.
While ingredients can vary widely, slice recipes most commonly contain:
The average time to prepare and cook a slice recipe is 54min, with the most popular times being 35min to 01h05m. However, times can range from as short as 05min for Aero Mint Slice to as long as 06h00m for Aero Bar Ice Cream Slice. The chart below shows the number of recipes we have with various cook times:
Lemon Slice Recipe
Cafe-style lemon slice.
Delicious Apple Slice
Just as good as the bakery sells!
Mac and Cheese Zucchini Slice
If you love mac and cheese and you love zucchini slice, this recipe mashup will be your idea of heaven in a baking tray. Cut it up into squares and put it in lunch boxes or have it for an easy workday lunch.
Zucchini Slice
A fantastic tasting slice that can be eaten hot or cold.
Election Slice
Nice and easy. Ideal for school lunches, or husband lunches!
Continental Slice Recipe
A deliciously gooey, tasty treat.
Apple and Passionfruit Slice
An very easy dessert.
Lemon Coconut Slice recipe
An easy slice recipe given to me by my cousin that can also be made into cupcakes.
Caramel Bubble Slice
This no-bake slice is so easy to make and so delicious. Great for kids lunch boxes.
Zucchini Slice
This is a great way to get the kids to eat their vegetables and perfect for their lunch boxes too.
Apple Sour Cream Slice
This is a very moreish apple slice, and my family and friends absolutely love it.
Chocolate Slice
So easy and yummy - a biscuit base with chocolate icing. The kids will love it.
3-Ingredient Oreo Slice
This creamy Oreo dessert has just three ingredients and is so easy that you could leave the kids to (almost) make it themselves!
Almond and Honey Slice
A scrumptious slice using a favourite combination of honey and almonds.
Aero Bar Ice Cream Slice
Just like a giant sandwich only peppermint flavour! A quick and easy summer sweet that kids and husbands love.
Marshmallow and Weet-Bix Slice recipe
Great for all the family. It's a winner - the grand kids love it!
Aero Bar Mint Slice
If you love mint slice, then you will love this. This recipe came about when I was making a chocolate hedgehog and thought I'd mix it up a bit.
Aero Mint Slice
Yummy, simple to make slice.
Zucchini Slice
Tasty slice using eggs, vegetables and cheese.
5 Ingredient Apple Slice
5 Ingredient Apple Slice I love these types of simple recipes – with just a couple of easy ingredients you know you will already have on hand.  You can use tinned apples in this recipe if you wish (tinned apples…
Lemon Slice
Cafe-style lemon slice.
Sweet Potato and Bacon Slice
A yummy slice that the whole family will enjoy. Great for kids lunch boxes, or just something small to nibble on when the worms are biting.
Apricot and Almond Slice
A beautiful slice that the whole family enjoys.
Coconut Slice
Serve warm in squares with cream for dessert or cold in fingers for the lunchbox.
Frugal Chocolate Slice
This Frugal Chocolate Slice has lovely basic ingredients and is just delicious. Perfect for a sometimes after school snack or morning tea with the girls!
Almond Bread Slice
A delightful light, thin and tasty treat!
Apricot Shortbread Slice
This is the best apricot slice.
Apricot and Walnut Slice
This slice has a nice cake like texture.
Cherry slice
There's a reason why this traditional slice is still such a popular one with a sweet cherry inside and sugary crust - by Alison Pickel
Carrot Slice recipe
A lovely, moist slice, which freezes well and thaws quickly. Great to have on hand for those unexpected visitors.
Apricot Date Slice
A quick and easy family favourite.
American Crunch Slice
A nice crunchy chocolate slice.