Baked recipes

Your favourite baked meals.
While ingredients can vary widely, baked recipes most commonly contain:
The average time to prepare and cook a baked recipe is 47min, with the most popular times being 10min to 49min. However, times can range from as short as 10min for Traditional baked eggs to as long as 08h00m for Boston Baked Beans. The chart below shows the number of recipes we have with various cook times:
Baked Cream Cheese Wontons
No one would ever believe that these crisp, creamy wontons are actually baked, not fried! And they’re so easy to make!
Baked Apple Pork Chops and Green Beans
A quick and easy sheet pan dinner that can be assembled ahead of time and baked right before serving. Easy peasy!
Baked Eggs with Mushrooms and Spinach
Easy peasy individual baked eggs with garlicky sautéed mushrooms and wilted spinach. Healthy, hearty and quick! Serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner with lots of buttered toast! Great for guests or for individual servings.
Best Baked Potato
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Cheesy Baked Hash Brown Patties Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: red potatoes, butter, shredded cheddar cheese, eggs, fresh chives, garlic salt, dried oregano, pepper
Loaded Baked Potato Soup Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: russet potato, olive oil, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, butter, flour, chicken broth, cream cheese, shredded cheese, bacon, fresh chive
Teriyaki Baked Wings Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: chicken wings, baking powder, salt, soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, sesame seed
Baked Eggs in Avocado
Who would have thought? You can bake your eggs right in avocado halves for a healthy breakfast option to start your day off right!
Baked Parmesan Mushrooms
The easiest, most flavorful mushrooms you will ever make, baked with parmesan, thyme and lemon goodness!
Baked Chicken with Potato and Chorizo
This is a little oily, but you can soak that up with a salad on the side if you like. The dish is slightly spicy and tangy, but not 'hot-hot'.
Baked Chicken Wings
Oven-baked chicken wings. My family love it. We serve it as a side dish at barbeques and Christmas.
Baked Churro Bites Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: water, butter, brown sugar, salt, flour, vanilla extract, eggs, cinnamon sugar, chocolate
Baked Chicken Fries Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: boneless, skinless chicken breasts, plain breadcrumbs, flour, eggs, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, dried basil, dried oregano, pepper
Baked Ricotta Cheesecake
Easy baked cheesecake, not too sweet, with a subtle flavour of orange and vanilla.
Baked Cheesecake
A basic cheesecake.
Baked Rice Custard recipe
My nan used to make this and it still tastes as good hot or cold.
Sweet and Tangy Oven Baked Salmon
If you’re a fan of salmon, there aren’t too many recipes that do the fish justice like our Sweet and Tangy Oven Baked Salmon. Sure it’s not a weekly recipe, but it’s one we enjoy treating ourselves with. Remember, you…
Baked Salmon
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Baked Chicken
Chicken and vegetables baked in the oven, wrapped in foil.
Baked Tomato Bruschetta
Enjoy the last days of summer with these melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella bruschetta bites!
Baked Vegetarian Pasta
Tasty pasta dish that freezes well and satisfies the non meat eaters.
Baked Eggs in Avocado
Who would have thought? You can bake your eggs right in avocado halves for a healthy breakfast option to start your day off right!
Chicken Bacon Ranch Baked Potatoes Recipe by Tasty
Here's what you need: russet potatoes, shredded chicken, ranch dressing, bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, scallion
Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken
This is so simple to prepare and tastes delicious.
Sweet Baked Salmon
Try this Sweet Baked Salmon recipe, or contribute your own.
Baked Mince and Bacon Rolls
Great for a cold winter's day.
Baked Cheesy Meatballs
A tasty and simple recipe that's sure to be a winner with the whole family.
Boston Baked Beans
Slow cooked beans - sweet and tangy.
Traditional baked eggs
Baked Tuna Omelette
Great for a quick, easy family meal.
Baked ham and cheese party sandwiches
These small, delicious sandwiches are perfect for any party. They are so good that even the pickiest of eaters will eat these.
Baked Artichoke Dip
This is my go-to, bring-a-plate for parties. It doesn't look pretty, but it is very easy to make and guaranteed to impress.